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The selection of a family office

FOSS Family Office Services Switzerland (FOSS) supports you in your search for, selection of and choice of a multi-family office in Switzerland that provides the services which best suit your needs.

Selecting a family office, or setting up your own, is not something you decide on or do overnight. Every family office functions differently, offers different services, and will therefore be able - or not - to deliver the services you are looking for.

As your family's wealth and future wellbeing strongly depend on the selection of the right family office provider, the selection process needs to be very thorough.

A unique service

With increasing numbers of (ultra) high net worth ((U)HNW) families worldwide, the demand for family office services is growing each year - as are the companies offering these services. In most jurisdictions, the designation "family office" is not regulated - and nor is the range of services they can offer. Any company active in this area is free to say that it provides such services, making it very difficult for (U)HNW families to select the right family office for their particular needs.

FOSS' unique service offers tailor-made assistance to (U)HNW individuals and their families so that they can find the right multi-family office for their particular needs; no other group offers the same, fully-independent service. FOSS is neither a family office, nor an independent asset manager, and Union Bancaire Privee (UBP) offers no in-house family office services itself. Thus, we can give you a clear, independent and objective view of Switzerland's multifamily offices and their ranges of services.

Our added value

FOSS' advisors are highly-qualified, multi-lingual, and have a thorough understanding of the family office industry. We use a sophisticated process to evaluate your family's needs, and combine this with the information in our vast database; this enables us to help you find the right family office in Switzerland.

At FOSS, we also:

  • Support you in finding another multifamily office, should you be unhappy with your current Swiss or foreign service provider, or if you feel you have simply "outgrown" your current advisor;
  • Act as your experienced sparring partner if you choose to set up your own single-family office in Switzerland;
  • Help families to find a new trustee for their trust, based on the same, thorough assessment process.

FOSS' exclusive database

In recent years, we have used a unique selection and mapping process, which has enabled us to build a database containing extensive - and constantly growing – information about each family office; this includes their key features and the services they offer and this, for the vast majority of Switzerland's multi-family offices. Beyond the traditional information one would expect - such as contact details and years of experience - FOSS goes much further. Every family office included in our database is categorised according to size, language capabilities, focus markets, areas of expertise, types of investment services offered, cost structure, whether they choose to work with internal or external specialists, philanthropic know-how, consolidated reporting capabilities, or wealth planning capacities - to name but a few. The FOSS database is not, however, a ranking table. In the field of family office services, there are good family offices, and better ones - but there is neither a "one size fits all" model, nor a single "best" one.

The family office selection and introduction process:

work flow of our services
  1. Once you have contacted us we organise a meeting with you (and/or your advisor) in Switzerland, in which we analyse and map, your - and your family's - wishes, requirements, and goals when working with a family office;
  2. Based on your needs, we draw up a shortlist of 3 or 4 family offices that can provide you with the exact services you are looking for;
  3. Then, we set up the necessary appointments for you, and jointly with you, your advisor and/or family representatives, we visit each family office that has been selected. During these visits, we assess these offices, allowing you to learn first‐hand about their range of services, management capabilities, and cost structures.
  4. Last, and together with you, we hold an in‐depth debriefing session which ultimately allows you to select the very best family office for you and your family's unique needs.

Are you interested in our services, or do you wish to understand the family office concept more clearly? Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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